Hi my name is Ross Quintana, I started my beer journey like many people did in high school drinking what I now know was not really beer. That watery alcohol delivery system  know to me know as the macro brewery swill was all I knew about beer. For this reason I used it as most people do, to get drunk and all the fun that comes with that. Let’s fast forward quite a bit…..

I didn’t like beer to start with. My friend was a beer geek and I decided to take a journey to explore beer. I had learned from my experience managing a Starbucks that even if you didn’t like coffee, if you tried enough of them or paired them with the right foods you would find some you actually liked. I learned the same thing with wine and how your palate would develop over time. You start with watery weak wines thinking the strong stuff is horrible and then after a while it doesn’t seem so bad. I applied these teachings to beer and knew that if I tried enough beers I would find some that were good.

Hundreds of beers later I was right. I explored different brewers and styles with an open mind wanting to find that great beer. Over the years I have found just that. We have tried tons of mediocre beers. Those are actually the worst to me because they aren’t horrible, but they aren’t good, they were just beers that could have been better and a waste of my money and yours. I decided to take up the holy crusade to find good beer, not just for me, but for all those people who may not like beer, and for all those who just don’t know where to start with beer.

I realized as a marketing guy and strategist that there were more and more beers coming on the market all the time and yet most people who drink Budweiser wouldn’t know where to start with the hundreds of choices and styles available. I decided that I would not only educate myself but also others and make craft beer accessible to the new market of people wanting to see what Craft beer is all about. Join my on my mission as I spread the gospel of good beer. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter where we keep you up to date with everything from beer news, reviews, and education. Cheers!

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